Thursday, November 11, 2010

A to Z Project

In photojournalism this past couple weeks we have been working on a project that included taking pictures of things (people, pets, objects, places, etc.) usingthe picture taking rules that we learned previously. The rule we used included: filling the frame, framing, repetition, leading lines, emotion, vertical photos, close ups, unique angles, lock the focus, and black and white. We needed to name our photosand each name had to begin with a different letter of the alphabet.

Three of my favorite pictures are shown below with a description of each.

Beetle's View: This picture was taken at my dog's tracking class. This photo is a good example of unique angle and emotion. I named it "Beetle's View" because it is as if a beetle is looking up at the dog.

Knowledge: This is a picture taken of my fathers Harvard Classics collection. This is a very good example of repetition, leading lines, filling the frame, and lock the focus. I like this picture because it is very sharp in the font and blurry in back and just an all over cool picture.

Sleeping Psychic: This is a picture of my dog Jesse sleeping next to his ball. This is a good example of emotion, black and white, fill the frame, and close up. I think this picture looks really good in black and white.

I learned a lot while completing this project. I learned more about how to use photoshop to adjust size and add black and white qualities. I also was able to become better acquainted with the techniques necessary to create innovative photographs. The unique angle and repetition shots were definitely my forte, but my black and white photos and filling the frame were not bad and they definitely improved the more pictures I took.

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