Friday, September 17, 2010

Composition Rules 3 and 4

Here are two more composition rules that will improve your pictures.

Rule Number 3: Use the Flash Outdoors. Use your flash in bright sunlight to lighten dark shadows under the eyes and nose or if the subject is in the shadows or wearing a hat. Use the flash especially when the sun is above or behind your subject. If you use the flash on clo
udy days it will brighten up the subject's face and make them stand out. Note that flashes are limited be sure to check the distance within which your flash will work.

Rule Number 4: Move in Close/Fill the Frame. If you want impactful pictures move in close to
the subject. Move yourself as close as you can to the subject before using the zoom on your camera. Filling the frame eliminates distractions and shows off the details of the subject. For smaller objects use the camera's marco or "flower" mode to get details and close-ups.

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