Friday, September 24, 2010

Rules Five and Six

Remember those then composition rules? Well, if not go read my previous posts. Here are rules five and six with suggestions with each.
Rule Number Five: Take some vertical pictures. People tend to forget that they can TURN THE CAMERA sideways. Many subjects look better in a vertical picture due to their height or their skinniness. It also eliminates excess space in the background. Make a conscious effort to TURN THE CAMERA sideways. Buildings, trees, flagpoles, and some scenic subjects will look better if you TURN THE CAMERA sideways!

Rule Number Six: Lock the focus. If you lock the focus it creates a sharp picture of off center subjects. It is pretty simple to lock the focus. This technique works VERY well on a professional camera because it focuses much better than a point-and-shoot digital camera. The steps to lock your focus are as follows:
1. Center the subject
2. Press the shutter button half way down
3. Reframe your picture while still holding the shutter button half way
4. Finish by pressing all the way down on the shutter button
These rules will help to make your pictures better, as will all the composition rule posted on here. if you follow these rules you should be able to take some pretty awesome photos.

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