Thursday, September 30, 2010

Composition Rules Numbers Seven and Eight

Well, I promised to continue the composition rules and so here are the next two rules. Just to clarify these are rules seven and eight.

Rule Number Seven: Move it from the middle of the screen or the name preferred by most photojournalists is "the rule of thirds". To successfully comply with the rule of thirds place your subject off center. This will bring your photos to life and will draw the viewer's focus onto your subject. Imagine on your camera's screen that there is a tic-tac-toe grid (there is a feature on some cameras that literally put a grid on the screen). Place your subject where two of the lines intersect. Remember when you use this rule that most camera's tend to focus on the center of the picture so don't forget to lock the focus.

Rule Number Eight: Know the range of your flash. pictures taken beyond the range of the flash will be dark and will not be appealing to the eyes. Most cameras have a flash with a range of about 9-10ft. Point-and-Shoot camera's might even be shorter. 9-10 feet is only about 3-4 steps away! If you do not know your flashes range check your manual.

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