Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photojournalism Expanded

Photojournalists take pictures of the "verbs" rather than only pictures of "nouns". Photojournalists are visual reporters of the facts. While a journalist or reporter can sit in an office all day a photojournalist MUST be out in the field. A photojournalist should always be prepared because "THE NEWS NEVER STOPS". A photojournalist should NEVER doctor a photograph, they should NEVER alter it to tell untruths, and they should NEVER "set up" a photograph-everything should be natural occurrences. Photojournalism is a dangerous job. Some news situations can be in very dangerous areas of the world. Many photojournalists place themselves into dangerous situations and some never make it out. Like a journalist a photojournalist has a responsibility to their audience to tell the truth and to tell anybody across the globe what the news is. Most people immediately understand an image. Remember: a picture in worth a thousand words.

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