Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Controversial Photos in the News

Today in class we read and discussed two articles about a controversial photo that the Associated Press decided to publish. The photo was of Lance Corporal Joshua M. Bernard of the United States Marine Corps after a RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) struck him and he was on the verge of death. The Lance Corporal's legs were severely injured and he died later at a field hospital. The family was shown these photos before they were published and Mr. Bernard did not want them published because they disrespected his son's memory. The Associated Press published them anyway.
I think this photo should of been released because not many people in the United States know what its like in the middle east. We are clueless as to the bloody occurrences during a war. I think that the people of the United States need to know about these things so that we can understand what our soldiers sacrifice for us. Lance Corporal Bernard was a hero and he died a hero, the people need to see these things to remember what our heros sacrifice for us.
Another example of controversial pictures were those from 9/11. I don't think any of the photos from September 11, 2001 should not have been shown because they infuriated the American people because it was the first time since Pearl Harbor that the U.S. had been bombed by an outside group or force. These photos remind us exactly what we are fighting for in the middle east and remind us of all the loved ones that we lost during these attacks.
I think the media needs to report the news but I think that if the image does not educate the people on what is really going on it is not necessary to show the public. An example of a photo like this would be a photograph of a murder victim after the murder. The public does not need to see this photo because we know that unfortunately murder happens a lot. Photos of wars, atrocious attacks, and natural disasters that people do not understand or hear about all the time should be shown.

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