Sunday, June 19, 2011

Athens- Part 2!

Yesterday morning we got up and had a VERY good breakfast and then we walked to the Archeology Museum in Athens. Apparently it is the most famous archeology museum in the WORLD! It was really awesome! They had statues, busts, heads, tombstones, pieces of a chariot, and old arrowheads and spears all from Ancient Greece!

After the Museum we walked to Lunch and after that we went to another Museum: The Benaki Museum. In this museum there were pieces of art, clothing, jewelry, books, coins, and other artifacts that described and told the history of Greece. It was really awesome! There were these earrings and necklaces that were shaped like "men-of-war" sailing on the ocean and were made of gold!

After this museum we went to the Parliament Building, passing the French and Italian Embassies on the way. We stood outside the entrance and watched the guards do a little performance which must have been totally humiliating. They were dressed in the traditional greek guard clothing and were standing in the sun...not only were they certainly humiliated but they were also sweating bullets!

Next we went to the hotel and relaxed for about two hours and worked on our blogs/pictures/folders. After that we went out and shopped for about and hour or 45 minutes. Then we went to dinner where, thankfully, they had spaghetti so I didn't have ANOTHER Greek Salad. During dinner we celebrated Caroline's 16th Birthday! The waiters lit a candle and we sang to her. The guy at the next table had bought roses for the girls at his table and he gave one to Caroline! It was SO cute!

When we finished dinner we went and did another "scavenger hunt". We split into two groups and went around asking people if they would say "Happy Birthday, Caroline!" while being videotaped. We got extra points if they said it in a different language! It was so much fun!

This morning we woke up, ate breakfast and loaded the bus. It is AMAZING how different Athens is on a sunday. Much quieter, especially with the market being closed on sunday. We drove to Nafplio and checked into our hotel. We then went to lunch and walked around the town to take pictures and, unfortunately for my budget, bought some more souvenirs. On the plus side I got a present for Sophia! Right now we are back at the hotel and are again working on our final projects. This is good because then it means the less we have to do when we get home! More later!

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