Monday, June 20, 2011


Well, we survived the hike! It was ALOT of steps! We all needed the exercise however and we all had a great time when we got to the castle on top of the hill! It was so amazing and had awesome views of the town and the mountains and the ocean!

After we climbed down we went to lunch and then shopping for a little bit! I didn't spend THAT much money this time! :) Then, after everyone had changed, we went to the beach! The beach here is a little, rocky, public beach but the water is perfectly clear (YOU CAN SEE YOUR FEET!!) and a beautiful turquoise color! I didn't actually go in the water like most of the other girls but I lay out in the sun for a little bit and then under an umbrella for a little bit drinking a coke. Greece is amazing!

Right now we are about to start designing a t-shirt for our final project and then we are going to dinner and then we are having a "night lesson". We will learn how to take good quality pictures in the dark. I will post again tomorrow for sure because we are going to Idra (also known as Hydra) where we can cliff jump and see/ride donkeys and go to the beach again! More Later!

OH! I got a letter today that my dad sent me! I needed some help reading it...but other than that it was SO funny! It almost didn't sound like he wrote it! I hope he had a great Father's Day even though I know that the letter was written way before yesterday!

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