Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last Night!

Today we slept in until nine, got up and had breakfast. Then we worked for a little bit on our projects and chilled. Then we went to the Farmer's Market and shot photos there and then we went to lunch while Carolyn and David went to get the T-Shirts that Claire designed printed/ordered.

We finished lunch and went shopping for a little bit. Then most of the girls went to the beach with David while Carolyn, Demeris, Dena, Claire, Carly, and I went to a cafe that had free wi-fi so we could chill and work on our projects there. I had a Mochaccino which is basically a Mocha Frappuccino with tons of whipped cream and chocolate syrup on it! It was SO good!

After the cafe we went back to the hotel and looked at everyone's Top 10 photos of the trip! All of them were SO great and wonderful! We then grabbed our Tripods and went to dinner at the first restaurant of Greece which we discovered was true because it was founded 100 years ago and the Ottoman Empire fell in 1923 which was approximately 100 years ago! It was really interesting!

After dinner we went to this empty dark street, set up our tripods and cameras and used flashlights and glow-sticks to write things and draw things and capturing it on film using a slow shutter speed. The pictures turned out REALLY awesome!

We leave the hotel at 2:30 this morning! We take a bus to Athens and then a flight to Paris and from there we sprint to our connecting flight to take us home!!

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