Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today we travelled to the little island called Idra-Hydra for those english speaking people out there...which would be everyone...because this blog is written in english...ANYWAY, this little island is SO cute! They do not allow cars there, the only motor vehicles are the garbage trucks! The locals use bicycles, their own two feet, and DONKEYS!!!! Tourists can get a 10 minute donkey ride for 10 euro. Not really worth it though, they take you in a circle around the town.

We went around the town taking pictures of portraits for a National Geographic "On Assignment" project thing. I also took some pictures of the town! After that we ate lunch and then we went to this rocky (rocky as in there are small cliffs there) ledges and platforms over the water from which you can jump out into the water. I didn't go swimming. I sat and read my book, listened to music, and took awesome photos! After that we took the last fairy back to the mainland and the bus back to Nafplio. All in all, a pretty great, chill day! One more day left then back to Houston!

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