Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three HUGE days, little bitty sleeping time.

I haven't quite been keeping up with this blog because I decided that and hour more to sleep would be more useful than blogging at the time. So let me back track to Day 3 of our Italy and Greece trip.

Day 3- On Monday we took a day trip to Rome! We woke up at about four and took the train at about five-ish. When we got to Rome and grabbed a quick breakfast we went directly to the Colosseum. We were able to jump the line a get straight in through the tour group line! We spent about an hour wandering around! It was amazing!! After the Colosseum we continued onto the Roman Forum which was sooooo cool!! After the Forum walked to the Trevi Fountain and we all threw coins into it! Next we went shopping for a little bit in a small market where I bought a bracelet! Next we went to the Pantheon and took pictures there for a while and lastly we went to the Spanish Steps where I got some very good framing shots. after the Spanish Steps we walked to the train station and returned to Florence.

Day 4- Isn't it funny how we used to think that waking up at 6:40 was early? Well, we were all very excited that we only had to wake up at 6:15 on Tuesday morning. We took a private bus from Florence to a small town on the Italian coast (the west coast, that is) and from there we took a short train ride to another small town. This town is part of what is known as Cinque Terre. Once we got to the town which was really, really, really cute we hiked to one of the other towns in Cinque Terre. In total it was approximately a 2.4 mile hike and took a couple hours to complete. It was really pretty but the beginning part of the hike was strenuous as it was up a very steep hill and with a countless number of steps. After we finished our hike Carolyn and David gave everyone money and sent us off in the second quaint little town that we had hiked to, to get lunch. After lunch we went to the beach and hung out there for about an hour. THen we took the train ride and bus back to Florence. Although not many pictures were taken during this excursion (only 106) the landscape was incredible and beautiful! I will never forget it!

Day 5- Today! Today we got up at 4:00 and loaded our luggage into a coach bus. We then took a three hour bus ride to the airport in Rome. From there we caught a flight on Aegean Airlines and we flew into Athens. We took another Coach-like bus to Delphi which is in one of the prettiest places on earth! We r going to eat now! More later!

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