Monday, June 20, 2011


Yesterday we arrived in Nafplio and worked on our blogs and pictures for a while. Then we went to lunch and were allowed, afterwards, to split up into small groups and explore the town. It is not quite so quaint as Delphi but is really nice and is right on the water. After shopping (yes, I bought MORE souvenirs), we came back to the hotel and had more down time. We went to dinner in small groups and then met back up with everyone else and walked to a "show". I put show in quotation marks because it is really more of a religious ritual that they let people come to watch. It is a small sect of Islam and they were "chanting" (might not be the right word) and spinning. It was pretty interesting actually. We came back to the hotel and did our Critique #2 and watched the videos from Caroline's Birthday Scavenger Hunt. Everyone was SO tired. So we went to bed.

Today we got up and had breakfast and we are about to go out now and climb to the castle on the hill. It is 999 steps. I guess it makes up for all the bread we have been eating. I have to go now! More Later!

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