Saturday, June 11, 2011

Florence-Day 1

Today we spent the whole day in Florence! Right now my feet are KILLING me!! We walked all over!

First, we had breakfast which consisted of bread and butter and croissants. Next, we left the hotel and walked to Il Duomo. We then proceeded to split into groups and do a scavenger hunt. We were to take photos of things such as: a silhouette shot, an interesting person on a bicycle, a moving Vespa, and a human pyramid in front of a famous building.

After we finished the scavenger hunt we walked to a restaurant called Pizzeria Nuti. I had the Spaghetti al Pomodoro which was amazing!! Then we went to see Michelangelo's David. We spent about an hour in the museum that accompanies the statue and the we headed off to our cooking class!

We took a class at the Giglio Cooking School in Florence. We made our own pasta dough and cut it into Ravioli and stuffed it with spinach and cheese. We also made chicken with red wine and tomato sauce. And to finish this amazing meal we made Tiramisu for dessert!

After dinner we made the long trek back to our hotel and downloaded our pictures from the day. Tomorrow we are switching hotels and traveling to an Olive Orchard and a place where they make Olive Oil!

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  1. gonna make some of that ravioli for us??